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My original plan was to update daily about Isaac’s Make a Wish trip….. which was a great idea,  in theory. We are doing so much we could easily do a full daily update.  However, there is no time to do it!  This has been a crazy, fun, emotional experience so far.  Some highlights……..

  • Isaac rode in a limo for the first time to the airport, he was amazed!
  • Upon arriving at Give Kids the World (GKTW) we were greeted by a golf card delivering cookies and lemonade to the villas – seriously, and this happens daily.
  • Our first morning here Isaac had ice cream for breakfast, and an afternoon snack, and dinner!!
  • Also on our first morning, Isaac developed a fear of stuffed 6 foot tall characters, and would not go near SpongeBob – or pass the building he had been in throughout the day without saying SpongeBob and shivering.
  • Sea World is an amazing place, but not necessarily the place for a 3 year old – Isaac loved Shamu (and made sure his brother saw everything), but wasn’t a big fan of the rest of the exhibits.
  • He IS a fan of the pool here at GKTW, and was more excited about that than Sea World at the end of the day yesterday. 
  • Magic Kingdom – WOW!!  Even with a screaming 10 month old this place is amazing.  When they said Isaac and his party would not stand in line anywhere, they weren’t joking – it’s hard to not feel a bit sorry for all of those trach-less schmucks who have to wait in line! 

So, we’ve been busy for 2 days – and those are just the highlights!   GKTW is not easily described.  Kindness is abundant, smiles are overflowing and love is everywhere.  We want for nothing, we even have a volunteer who carries our food trays to our table for us for every meal.  Speaking of volunteers – that’s essentially how this place runs (1500 volunteers a week!).  If you are looking for angels on earth, make a stop here – you will find them all. 

Tonight Talia got to judge “Village Idol” – a talent competition of the greatest caliber.  Anything goes here (in case ice cream for breakfast wasn’t a clue!).  The talent tonight included a hula hooper, gymnast, dancers, singers and an amazing marcher (yes, he marched!) – and the cheers were deafening.  Every night an amazing event like this takes place – Halloween was Monday night, and tomorrow night it’s Christmas here at the village. 

Isaac is having the time of his life, and we are overjoyed as we watch him experience this and enjoy himself in a way he never has.   Suddenly this week he loves to dance, and he is trying so much harder to talk – I think there is something magical about this place…….

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