Animal Kingdom!

This day deserves it’s own update. Today we went to Animal Kingdom – WOW!! First, we started the day with ice cream for breakfast (which Isaac has done every day, today Talia joined him). Ice Cream for breakfast is strongly encouraged here – and Isaac is loving every minute of it. After breakfast we met Goofy and Belle here at the Village, Isaac kept some distance between them, but actually got in the picture!

From there we found Animal Kingdom, and went straight to the Lion King show we had heard so much about – it was AMAZING! Isaac got us front row seats by virtue of his Make a Wish button – he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was so excited, he kept looking at all of the characters, roaring with the lions and trumpeting with the elephants. This show was awesome, in and of itself – watching Isaac’s reactions were priceless. It was hard to keep emotions together as he cheered and clapped and danced along. The characters interacted with him and he loved it.

We also took Dr. Hess’ advice and did the Animal Safari (how could we NOT take Dr. Hess’ advice?) – again – amazing. Isaac saw elephants, a lion, giraffes, tons of birds – and he did sound effects for all of them. His elephant trumpet is the cutest thing in the world.
He braved his fears and went on another ride today – he rode dinosaurs in the sky, and loved that too. We ended the day in the petting area, and Isaac had a blast.

Once we returned to the Village it was time to head out for “Christmas”. Isaac (and all of us) got to visit with some nice families while waiting to meet Santa. It is at this time when you again face the fact that some horrible things have brought you all together, but you are ALL together. Regardless of diagnosis or need, we are together – we are together in our journeys to save our child, and in our journeys to help our other children grow up with a sick sibling. As one dad pointed out tonight – one big thing our boys have in common is a great big sister. This is just as much for “healthy kids” as it is for our not healthy kids. It is for the support of Isaac, and the fighting Isaac has done. His joy is our joy, just like his pain is our pain.

After meeting Santa we went to the gift area, where each child chooses a gift, seriously – how will we get all of this home?? Isaac did some dancing, from a distance, since there were 6 foot tall stuffed rabbits dancing too!

It’s 10:00 pm, Isaac is wide awake and holding a race with Toy Story characters on the coffee table, what an amazing sight to see!

PS – this was written last night, but I was too tired to post! Isaac did wake us up with an episode best described as mucus and saliva pouring from his trach, but it seems to have resolved itself. At this point we are choosing to chalk it up to too much fun outside….. but did get video of it to share with all of his favorite doctors, as it has happened before – we will email out the video this weekend. Today Isaac is enjoying Hollywood Studios with daddy and Talia while mama hangs out with a sick little Eli. The good news is that Tylenol is doing the trick and Eli is dancing and singing – more fun on tap for tonight!

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