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Posted Oct 17, 2012 11:55am

We got home from Florida Sunday night – completely and utterly exhausted, yet completely and utterly happy! We visited 5 parks in 6 days… wow! The experience is difficult to put into words.

Isaac was so very happy and full of life this entire trip. He spontaneously danced more and more as the week went on, he became so uninhibited. He also continued to talk more as the week progressed – I think he felt inspired and wanted very badly to share with us.

When we weren’t at a park we were fully entertained at the Give Kids the World Village – between the access to nonstop ice cream, the trains, the pool table (Isaac loves balls!), the pool and the playground we finally explored on Sunday we were busy. It is still amazing to think of what goes into this place – the volunteers who show up day after day, and “celebrate” the same holidays and events week after week. This cannot always be an easy place to spend your time, as we realized looking around that some of the families we were spending time with were very likely on their last whole family vacation.

So, in essence, while this was an amazing trip for us, it came with reminders – to hold our babe’s tight and continue to appreciate every day. We came home with very happy hearts, but they are always a little bit heavier after an experience like this as well.

In exciting news – Isaac’s girlfriend Ireland is having BIG surgery tomorrow – they will remove part of her colon and create an esophagus for her – by the end of the day tomorrow she should have one less tube and an esophaversary in October just like Isaac! We know her family is nervous, this is a big surgery – we are confident that things will go well and the next time we see her she will be a different kid 🙂 Please keep Ireland and her family in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow!

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