Isaac has finished his dilation, all went well. Dr. Hess is not being too aggressive with the dilations for now, as we obviously know how easily Isaac’s esophagus can tear! Because of that he will need to return in 4 weeks, it’s only 40 degrees there this weekend – I’m afraid of what we’ll find in 4 weeks!
As always, Isaac is showing off on this trip. It sounds like he talked to Dr. Hess – showing off his counting to 10 skills and sharing accounts of his Disney trip. To top it all off he called and talked to me before heading back to the O.R.! Hearing my sweet boy’s voice saying “mama” over the phone brought tears to my eyes, he is truly remarkable. Isaac has come such a long, long way.
In other remarkable news – Isaac’s G tube came out before heading to the hospital today (NOT remarkable), so he had to drink his pre-OR cocktail (versed, his favorite!) – and he did it! He actually drank his meds. Once again – take that trouble making esophagus! I’m starting to get the impression that we need to start upping the ante here at home with the food challenges.
We got an advance copy of the newsletter written about Isaac for the RMH fall newsletter – it is wonderful! When we began on this journey we never imagined how invaluable RMH would become to us. RMH has been our lifesaver in Minnesota – it has grounded us and provided us a homebase. Even when we don’t have a room there, we know we can show up anytime and it is home. The article chronicles our RMH journey and it is truly beautiful.
You can check it out here – http://rmhc-um.org/family-stories/isaac/ .
I talked to Ireland’s mom Shanna tonight, we talk most nights! Ireland has NO leak in her esophagus! We are so happy that things are finally going in the right direction for her! I can’t wait until she and Isaac can spend time eating ice cream together

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