Sandy has started to really hit us, we are as prepared as we can be at this point.  “Before Isaac” this would not have concerned us one bit, what’s a little wind and rain??  While the thought of being trapped in the house with kids and no power is not a pleasant one – it would be survivable.  The problem for us is that Isaac relies on electricity to live. 

Isaac’s trach requires suctioning to keep it clear, in order for him to breathe.  If his suction machines are not charged we cannot suction him.  Our neighbors were very hopeful that Isaac’s need to breathe somehow made our neighborhood a priority when it comes to restoring power (when it goes out) – while that would be nice, it is not realistic – and we understand that. 

We learned about the importance of electricity this summer.  Ironically, not during the big storm that struck early in the summer that zapped everyone’s power – Isaac was in MN and our home actually never lost power.  However, a few weeks later a freak power loss struck and we went many hours without power late at night.  The next day we decided to it is better to be prepared, so we stocked up on lanterns and batteries – none of those happen to charge a suction machine though! 

So, we are prepared with lighting (lanterns are a necessity since Isaac uses oxygen and candles are not recommended with oxygen in the house, oh the complications of Isaac!).  Currently both suction machines are plugged in and charging and two feeding pumps are charging (we have 2 because mama is a medical supply hoarder!).  Isaac’s good suction machine will give us about 12 hours of use before needing to be charged again, his bad machine about 1.  We did learn over the summer that creativity is key – if necessary we can run a cord to the car and charge that way for a while. 

Of course, we can always move Isaac to a location with power – not easy with all of his stuff, but certainly possible.  We know there are plenty of friends and family that would take him in (though they may not realize what they are signing up for!). 

It is times like this that we realize again just how special our amazing boy is.  There is so much we all take for granted – like the ability to breathe 🙂

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