Dear Isaac……

Last night my brother wrote a letter to Isaac, about why he voted the way he did in the election.  It got me thinking about what I will someday tell Isaac about this time of his life…. Stealing my brother’s idea….

Dear Isaac –

Yesterday was about much more than electing a president.  It was about saving the quality of your life, and at times – saving your life.  When we’ve joked about how it definitely “takes a village” when it comes to Isaac, it is not always a joke.  There are so many people that are responsible for making you who you are today, and the President of the United States happens to be one of them.

You should know by now that when you were only 13 months old your health insurance company dropped you, for reaching your 2 million dollar lifetime limit – you were already “done” with a lifetime of healthcare, in just 13 months.  This was very scary for us – as we knew there was still a long road ahead of you and many needs to still be met.  Lucky for all of us, one month later President Obama signed Health Care Reform into law – he did this for people like YOU.   What this meant that there was no longer a monetary value on your life, or what your care should cost.  It meant that we were free to get you to the greatest doctors in the country – who truly know how to care for you.

This past winter, without the ability to travel to Minnesota for the one surgeon in the country who knows your esophagus (and lungs, and belly, and ribs, etc) to help fix your very broken esophagus and right lung – we don’t know where we would be today.  Sadly, we know of a little boy like you who did not survive the exact same condition you had.  Really, that it what it comes down to – not how much time (or money) we lose, how much we miss our family back home, how much we dislike hospital food or being trapped in one room with you all day, every day – it comes down to knowing the one surgeon who can help you, CAN help you.

So my sweet, loving, happy, resilient, oh so crazy boy – not only have you been impacted by politics at a very early age, but you have IMPACTED politics at a very early age.  We are proud of you for so many things, today we are proud of you for helping others to see why Health Care Reform is so important.  So many of our friends and family, and their friends and family have heard about our Superman and all he has been through.  They have seen the video explaining your story and why you need health care – and they have paid attention.  They have looked up to you just like we do, and they are proud of you as well.

Last night I shed a tear when I knew our President had been re-elected – because I knew you are safe for 4 more years.  I’ve seen how far you’ve come in 4 years, who knows where you’ll be in 4 more 🙂

I love you so much, and look forward to seeing YOU in the White House….. someday 🙂

*****My brother Jason’s letter to Isaac last night, that started me thinking….

Dear Isaac,
Today I placed my vote to re-elect a President who has had a major part in your life. I’ll admit, in some of the elections of the past, I didn’t really put much thought into who I would vote for. I took one of our greatest freedoms, for granted. Not today. Without President Obama, your health may not be as good as it is today. Isaac, when you were 13 months old you had reached   your $2 million lifetime limit for health insurance. You had only been in this world for a year and 1 month…but according to the health insurance company, you had used up your health care…a lifetime to them wasn’t much, I guess. …within a month, there was a miracle…Health Care Reform Act was passed and signed by President Obama. The Health Care Reform did many things. It helped people obtain health care who couldn’t afford it before, it helped people who couldn’t get health care before because they were already sick. Many people did not like this new Act. People said that the President was making them get Insurance, costing them more money, and several other reasons you (or I) wouldn’t care about. For your family and I, it meant only one thing. Your “lifetime limit” had now been extended. President Obama said that there were no longer a “lifetime limit”, he banned it.
Isaac, you have had 21 major surgeries to repair your broken esophagus. You have been very brave and tough…and you are now a happy, silly, loving, and most importantly…a Healthy little boy!
So today, when I was handed the ballot (or, very important piece of paper)…I sat down opened my marker, and colored in the circle next to President Obama’s name. I did this for many reasons…but the most important one, is because President accomplished a miracle. And with that you have continued to be a miracle…and will no longer have a limit on your life.
Uncle Jason


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