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It doesn’t appear to be a coincidence that Isaac’s birthday coincides so closely with Thanksgiving.  He was scheduled to arrive almost a month after Christmas, but decided Thanksgiving would be his holiday – and he has truly taught us a new meaning for Thanksgiving.  Our once 3 pound, 3 ounce boy is four years old today – never in a million years did we realize that crazy, scary night two days before Thanksgiving when he made his debut the lessons he would teach us in just 4 years.

Today Isaac celebrated by first naming all of the letters on his “Happy Birthday” banner hanging over his bed.  He has proudly announce “Happy Birthday I,I” about 100 times today as well 🙂  We took a trip to the store to get supplies for an ice cream party later, and sang along to the Fresh Beat Band and danced in the car – our amazing boy now sings and dances in the car, and he knows ALL of the words to the Fresh Beat Band CD!

We are so thankful for Isaac – for all of his fight and willpower, and his ability to overcome.  Isaac has taught us over and over to appreciate the small things (like his beautiful voice singing along to his favorite CD), and to always see the bright side – because with him there does seem to always be a bright side.  He has taught us what it means to truly fight, and to win – over and over.  He is the picture of happiness, and love and sweetness. 

We are also thankful for EVERYONE who has helped Isaac become who he is – the amazing doctors, and nurses at four different hospitals who have loved and supported not only Isaac, but our whole family.  His pediatrician and her entire office, seriously – the WHOLE office plays a role in taking care of our Isaac.  Therapists – lots and lots of therapists!!  Isaac has had amazing therapists – they have helped to make him who he is today and helped him reach milestones that so often seemed out of reach.  Isaac’s home nurses – we seriously cannot say enough about these ladies that so quickly have become a part of our family.  Our friends who have become family, and our family that has become stronger.  It is because of Isaac that we have such an amazing circle of support coming at us from every direction – old friends have come back into our lives, and new friends have been made. 

We cannot wait to see all that will happen before Isaac’s fifth birthday……  Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

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