Last night I had the honor of taking Isaac to his “Little Gym” class.  This was his second class, he spent the hour before class crying and signing play – over and over and over again.  He couldn’t WAIT to get there! 

Most parents would not find a little gym class an emotional experience, I fought tears straight through the class.  I came prepared with a book and my trusty IPhone to keep me busy – I didn’t need them.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of Isaac.  He danced, he roared, he jumped and he participated to the max. 

I watched the other kids and I saw how easily they crossed a balance beam, swung from the ropes, jumped on the vault……  and then I watched my Isaac.  What an amazing child he is.  As he very slowly side stepped across the balance beam to get to the part that had a railing to hold on to I thought about what amazing drive and perseverance this kid has.  He never faltered, he made it to that railing – EVERY SINGLE TIME – and he proudly held on and got to the end of the railing, then he slowly side stepped to the end.  He went back again, and again and again.  A long line developed behind him each time, but he didn’t notice – he was so very focused on completing this task.  My phenomenal little boy showed the strength that has gotten him so very far in life, in that one task.

 When it was his turn to somersault done the mat like the other kids he told his teacher no (knowing that a somersault and trach may not be a good combo) and ran very proudly down the hill that the others were rolling down.  He even braved the high beam, with no assistance, as his very nervous mama signaled no from outside of the window – and he proudly smiled at me as he disregarded my wishes and again, very slowly side stepped his way onto that beam! 

Watching that class last night was watching the essence of Isaac.  He has a strength that most adults do not show – he has a desire to achieve that cannot be matched by most.  He left that room proud, and he had good reason to be.  He may never be the star of the class in his abilities to complete the tasks correctly, but he is the most driven hard working child in the room. 

To complete the night he got home and requested a cup of water – he has been having pretty bad reflux and wants water when it happens, probably to wash away the bad taste in his mouth!  Last night I happened to be “venting” his g tube at the same time (opening the tube and letting air out of his belly).  He thought it was really cool to watch the water and bubbles leave his tube, so he asked for ice cream – and told me he wanted to watch that come out of his tube.  So, that’s what we did – besides the fact that it’s really cool to watch stuff come out of your child’s belly, it also shows us just how well that multi million dollar esophagus is working! 

So, we celebrate small victories that are truly huge in the lessons they teach us this season.  We also celebrate a boy who is well into the winter months and has not had one hospital stay since March!  Fingers crossed that we continue on this nice, smooth road!

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