Nothing but GOOD news!

What a difference a year makes 🙂 Isaac had his OR date with Dr. Preciado on Friday. Dr. Preciado did some laser surgery on the back of Isaac’s left vocal cord, but thought the right looked good, so he left that alone. He thinks this might be just what Isaac needs to cross over that hump, and he thinks Isaac will be trach free by summer! Of course, we tend to go with the “we’ll believe it when we see it” approach, because this is Isaac we’re talking about. We’re looking at another OR date to check out the airway and a possible capping trial in 3 or so weeks (which could turn into 5 or 6 knowing Children’s!). If he can successfully cap we will do another sleep study and move forward with getting the trach out from there.
Isaac is so full of personality, he leaves us laughing constantly. It is becoming more and more difficult to discipline him, as we have to fight not to laugh at his antics. Being the smarty pants he is, he knows this and often ends his antics with a smirk – making it even harder to keep a straight face.
Next week Isaac heads back to Minnesota for an esophageal dilation, it’s been 2 whole months! Hopefully his esophagus hasn’t scarred down too much and we can maybe stretch and go out there every 2 months. While he’s there next weekend an awesome gym in Minneapolis is hosting a competition that has turned into a fundraiser for our family – wow! We are so blessed to have so many people that love and care about our boy. While a portion of the trips to Minnesota are reimbursed for us by Medicaid, the entire cost is not – we still end up paying for one airline ticket and some extras along the way. The help of those who love Isaac is tremendous!
Something we have not shared is that Greg’s entire department was laid off in November. Of course, getting laid off is not convenient for anyone, but it’s been a little bit harder on us. It has been nice to have him home – we haven’t had to scramble to get Isaac to appointments at all. However, Greg has been looking hard for work and would really like to find something soon. If anyone knows of anything in the area that would be fitting for someone who has worked in the IT field please let us know 🙂

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