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First – the official medical update… Isaac saw Dr. Hess on Friday for his routine esophageal dilation, it went great! Dr. Hess was very happy with the state of Isaac’s esophagus and dilated him further than usual. He also gave approval for us to push our trips to every 2 months – yay!! We have actually seen Isaac eat a few little things, he chewed a piece of banana and swallowed last week – huge in his world. He is more and more interested in food, he typically chews it up and spits it into a waiting hand, baby steps – right?
While in Minneapolis this weekend Isaac attended an amazing event, and we were again reminded how very loved he is – and how very lucky we are. Two local gyms – Timberwolf Crossfit and WhiteBear Crossfit teamed up to have a competition, and donated all proceeds to Isaac. Wow! Did I mention that these gyms are in Minnesota?? They heard about our Isaac and thought of him when they put this together. And put it together they did! Isaac even got to stand on the winner’s podium and receive a trophy – wow again! The picture of Isaac smiling ear to ear with his trophy really speaks volumes as to how loved he is.
There is no way to really thank so many people that enter our lives. We hope that they all realize what they do – not only for Isaac, but for all of us. None of this is particularly easy, though we are always looking at the bright side as we see so many who no longer have their beautiful child at home with them. Some of the time it just plain sucks – we get used to the new “routine” and we work with and around our fears. When it gets really tough we rely on the love and support of others. Some we know up close and personal, others from a distance – but the love remains the same.
Isaac is love, he is resilience and he is joy. He is the toughest 4 year old most people have ever met – and he has a smile that melts the toughest hearts (as I’m sure many learned at the gym this weekend). We say it over and over – we are oh so lucky to have Isaac and all of the drama he has brought to our lives. If not for Isaac and all of the craziness he’s brought us we would have never known that this type of love exists.

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