the good, the bad and the meaning of it all!

First the good – I got to take Isaac, his big sister (Talia), his favorite cousin (Brooklyn) and his grandma to the Yo Gabba Gabba Live concert Friday night – what a fun night! Isaac was a bit sleepy, but perked up when he saw his favorite guy, Plex hit the stage. We danced and sang our hearts out. We even snuck to the front of the stage and had a blast throwing confetti (when you’re 4 it doesn’t get much better than confetti!).
It is during times like this that I see (again) just what an amazing child Isaac is. I think because of all he has been through he enjoys life more. He finds excitement in things that not everyone does and you can see it in his eyes. When you’re near him you pick up on his excitement and find yourself getting more excited about little things. This kid has spent more time in the hospital than any child should, and it has given him the gift of enjoying things on a level most of us do not. It is so easy to get wrapped up in negatives, and complain – but Isaac doesn’t. He finds every single bright side there is, and he makes sure we all find it with him.
So the show took on new meaning, because of Isaac – what an amazing, fun, NORMAL experience for us to all have together. Sneaking to the front was the icing on the cake for all of us, and not something this rule following mama would have done pre-Isaac…. but now it is oh so easy to break the rules for just a little bit more fun 🙂
Now – the bad – Isaac has pneumonia AGAIN. Although he hasn’t had it nearly as much this winter as he did last winter, this still stinks. Of course, being Isaac – you would never really know it by his actions. He’s a little bit slower, but not complaining. He showed subtle signs – and when we checked his heartrate was pretty high and his breathing was pretty fast. He had a rougher than normal night, resulting in a trip to his pediatrician today. Sure enough – pneumonia.
The timing is particularly bad, as Isaac was supposed to go into the Operating Room last week for a look at his airway and a possible trach capping trial. This trach capping trial is just what we need to get Isaac’s trach out, one month of successful capping will allow us to go trach free. However, things could be worse. In all honesty, this mom’s intuition was telling her this is not the time to try a capping trial, no way to explain it – it just hasn’t felt right. Hopefully some extra time with lots of breathing treatments and other home interventions will get his very ugly right lung ready to perform well for us when he does get to the capping trial!
Yesterday we celebrated Talia’s birthday – this pneumonia having boy got up on the trampoline and jumped his heart out, because he is Isaac after all.

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