just when we think we’ve got it figured out!

In the ever changing world of Isaac, our trach plans seem to have once again changed. Yesterday we saw Isaac’s “trach doctor”, Dr. Preciado. We are so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing team of doctors for Isaac – even though they literally practice out of four different hospitals! Dr. Preciado is the surgeon who gave our baby his voice back, after he was trached Isaac did everything silently for about two years – including crying and laughing. Dr. Preciado gave us the gift of sound from Isaac and we are forever grateful. He also happens to have trained at the U of M before settling in DC – we appreciate the Minnesota in him in as well 🙂

Dr. Preciado agrees that Isaac’s right lung is a big obstacle at this point, but he feels confident in Isaac’s reconstructed airway and thinks we can keep moving forward! He suggested a prolonged capping trial – we’re thinking a few months, breathing around his trach for a few months will help strengthen those breathing muscles. Dr. Preciado is not very easy to get appointments with (sign of a good surgeon!), his waiting list for office visits is 8 months! Luckily, they had a cancellation on February 22 – so Isaac will go in to the operating room and let Dr. Preciado get a look at his airway, then report to the PICU to potentially try capping his trach!

Of course, things are now up to Isaac. We are doing everything we can to prepare him – he has been wearing his speaking valve, it encourages him to breathe out through his mouth like a normal person. We are doing lots of nebulizer treatments, and we are still giving him overnight oxygen to help heal that little lung.

Isaac is just so amazing, we are fine with the trach as long as he needs it. Yesterday he sang the entire way to and from the appointment, and showed off his finest roar in the Dr’s office. Simply hearing his voice is a gift, and now that he has mastered “I love you” he is able to melt even more hearts!

Never in a million years did we realize the impact that little 3 pound 3 ounce creature would have on us and our lives………

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