Sometimes that’s just what we need…. a little confirmation. The last time Isaac had a recurrent sick was when he had a leaking esophagus and holey lung – not an experience we want to repeat. With his recent sicks we all (meaning me, his dad and his favorite pediatrician!) started to get worried.
We decided to get Isaac in for an esophagram – a way to check for leaks. The good news is – there are still no leaks in his esophagus!! There have been some sleepless nights this week as we have all thought about this.
As we keep thinking about it we are leaning more and more towards Isaac just having aspiration events – something we knew could happen as his airway was manipulated. Not the best news, but certainly NOT the worst!
In light of all of this, Isaac has continued to remind us that he is still the most amazing 4 year old in the world. Yesterday I called him I,I – his chosen name for himself. He responded by telling me “No, I-S-A-A-C”! When this kid isn’t kissing us he is dancing, when he is not dancing he is singing…. he is just so happy and resilient. Over the past week we have had numerous dance parties, lots of singing in the car, some serious spelling, and lots of laughing….. it is therapeutic to be around Isaac.
For now we enjoy life – through Isaac’s eyes it is so much more enjoyable!

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