the things you can learn in the shower!

First of all, technically trachs and showers don’t mix, but we’ve always proven to be big time trach rule breakers! Last week Isaac found mama in the shower, and decided he’d like to try one too…. of course now I can’t take a shower by myself! I wouldn’t normally share our shower habits with the public, but there is so much to it that I think is important to share.

Isaac LOVES the shower, and he gets braver and braver with each one he invades. He’s gone from sticking in a two to letting water hit his belly. We are very careful to protect the trach, so I’m not sure how much braver we’ll let him be 🙂

Tonight he kept begging to stay in longer, and had a few tricks up his sleeve to convince me. He started by WRITING I-S-A-A-C on the door of the shower!! Okay, so his A was a little off, but it was absolutely amazing to see. When mama started trying to end the shower again he spun around and pointed to the tile on the wall and said “mama, square – 4 sides”! Holy cow, who taught this kid how to talk! Before the end of the shower he had grabbed each of my hands and planted a kiss on them 🙂

He eventually ran out of tricks, and we got him dried off and dressed. I watched his face tonight during his special shower, between his big eyes and beautiful smile I knew the benefits way outweighed the risks. My son’s smile can speak a million words…. Even with no words, he speaks. His eyes and smiles speak volumes, he clearly has already achieved a lifetime of experience in just his first 4 years and when you least expect it you can see it in even the briefest glance.

Isaac’s light seems to just shine brighter and brighter. This weekend he danced, he talked (and talked and talked), he gave a million and 5 kisses and he loved us all up. A year ago we were parked in the hospital, watching his leaking esophagus and holey lung with baited breathe…. life is so very good right now!

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