don’t jinx it!

Like most inner circles, medical mamas and medical professionals it seems have a “rule” This rule is to not ever say something out loud like “he’s been healthy for such a long time” or “we seem to finally be past the worst of it”. The last time I had a coworker ask me how Isaac was, I responded “great, hasn’t been sick all winter”….. oops. Literally 24 hours later we were at the doctor being diagnosed with aspiration pnuemonia. We find ourselves tiptoeing around, and not sharing happy things until they have passed and the fear of jinxing them is gone.
That being said, Isaac was acting sick again Friday – breathing fast, kind of quiet, typical Isaac getting sick. At the very last minute (literally) we went to see Dr. Carroll (thank God her office is 5 minutes from our house – divine intervention??). As we pulled into her parking lot his breathing slowed and his color was normal – seriously. Dr. Carroll came in and he went one step further by taking my phone and typing I-S-A-A-C on the very small screen. She listened to his chest and thought he sounded great (of course!) and after discussing the proper protocal nurses may want to follow with me when I call with an “emergency” at the end of the day (“Kim, have you taken your xanax” will be the new protocal!) we laughed and left. Isaac took it another step by dancing the whole way home.
This weekend his trach secretions have been green, not a color we like. Today he was more tired and his lungs sound junky. Really? We did a trach change, he threw up (another “Oh, Isaac”) and we did a neb. This resulted in a little bit more ick in the lungs and a discussion as to whether or not to start antibiotics (jury is still out on that one). Of course, since then he has been playing and laughing and talking. Oh boy. When do we stop panicking with every sick? How do we know what is normal and what to jump on top of fast? I’m leaning towards him just being sick – for the past week or so. I hear that is “normal” 🙂 Since we are sharing some of the same symptoms I think I may be onto something…. but this is the continuing issue for us – when to panic.
We have had the best winter yet for Isaac. What I didn’t mention earlier is that I told Dr. Carroll that in a few weeks we will be celebrating one year of no hospital stays for being sick – he’s only been in for procedures. This is a HUGE accomplishment for Isaac, as I’m pretty sure before that we never went 4 months! As soon as I said it I wanted to suck it back in – what was I thinking? Even if he got admitted tomorrow, almost a year is pretty big as well. I’m not saying the magic date, that would be a serious jinx.
Even sick for the past few weeks we have been amazed by this kid. He is talking nonstop (be careful what you say around Isaac now), singing is a normal occurance, and dancing is of course a favorite.
This week mama will watch him obsessively for signs of anything worse than a normal sick, and eventually we’ll learn how to know the difference!

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