Guest blogger – THE big sister!

Tonight, what it’s like to have a special needs brother…. from Talia!

Having a little brother that has medical conditions is a wonder in life. It’s the one thing you focus on because you want to learn about it or you want to see it. I’ve seen my little brother in severe and scary times and I know that he is a brave kid. But it’s hard to understand why HE gets the attention. I know that he needs care and 24/7 attention where he needs to be taught something or given meds, but sometimes I want some part of that attention. Somtimes it’s not fair. Sometimes I get lonely. Sometimes I feel deserted. But in the end, even though it doesn’t feel like it, your loved ones will always love you with all their hearts. Maybe sometimes they’ll have a couple of times where they can’t spend some quality time with you, but you have to know that, that kid needs help. Think about it, if your parents or your brothers or your grandparents hadn’t been their for your brother or sister,then you probably wouldn’t even have a brother or sister right now to be there for you. Their always there for you. To call your name like sissy or bro-bro, to help you with situations, or even to make you laugh. You need them or your life wouldn’t be complete. They’re there to be who they are, no matter if they have a restriction or no matter if they’re being stubborn because they’re just being themselves. Even at times when they’re being silly or if they’re making you laugh, they wouldn’t of made you laugh if they weren’t being themselves. You should be glad you have them. So to any child that is about to have a baby brother or baby sister or someone that already has a sibling, always love your loved ones no matter if they might be a little different from all the others. Always spend time with them to make them laugh and always make time for them because laughter and love are the top things that can heal a sick child.
Sincerely, Talia 🙂

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