Boy band saves the day??

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before that the first maternal/fetal specialist to look at Isaac during an ultrasound at 21 weeks suggested that we terminate the pregnancy. He did this after first telling me “this is bad”. We, of course, opted not to terminate (that’s obvious at this point!), but it made that time in our lives that much scarier. If the doctor who specializes in broken babies suggests termination – it must be bad, right?
We spent a few weeks telling ourselves everything would be fine, but I’m not sure how much Greg or I truly believed that. We did research, there were tons of babies that survived with Isaac’s birth defect, and much, much worse. It was just hard not to go back to that original doctor and his very severe prognosis.
Within a few weeks of that appointment I had tickets to see my all time favorite band in concert – New Kid’s on the Block (now the grown up edition – NKOTB). I LOVED this band as a teenager, and I mean love. When we got tickets to the show I was over the moon, but had not been feeling too happy about anything in the weeks leading up to it.
I was about 24 weeks pregnant the night of the concert, I had never felt Isaac kick – a side effect of carrying an EA baby is way too much amniotic fluid, he didn’t swallow any –so he had tons of swimming room, eliminating kicking opportunities. As the show started I felt him – my Isaac was dancing his heart out (okay, he was probably scared to death, but I like to think he was dancing!). He kicked for the first 10 minutes or so of the show – and I couldn’t tell you one thing that happened other than that. I didn’t care that my heartthrobs were on stage, I KNEW my baby was okay and would be okay. It was an amazing, zen moment for me. I don’t know why a kicking baby at a NKOTB concert was the deciding factor me, I just know that it was. I left that night ready to take on anything Isaac brought my way – and bring it he did!
Shortly after this I was placed on bed rest at home. In order to check on Isaac every morning I would put headphones on my belly and play him some NKOTB, and he would kick (maybe running away, that’s up for interpretation). I loved feeling him moving. When we both had enough I would pop in a nice, quiet acoustic CD (of course, performed by a member of NKOTB – Danny Wood) and he would calm down. We did this every day, until he threw me the next challenge 🙂
Eventually, a bit sooner than planned – Isaac was born. We all know most of the story from there. What’s important to take from this for me is the fact that music now plays such a huge role in Isaac’s life. I’m not sure if there is a connection to our first concert together and all of the in utero music, but I’d like to think so!
Isaac sings and dances with reckless abandon… we catch him dancing with his reflection in the dishwasher, dancing to make his brother laugh, singing when he doesn’t even realize we’re paying attention. I still find it awesome to ride in the car and hear him singing along to the Fresh Beat Band in the backseat – he knows all of the words! The fact that he sings and dances with such a lack of inhibition, after all we have put him through, is remarkable.
My son is awesome – this I’ve always known. His lack of inhibition and love of fun still astound me.
And, in the end – I have to thank my favorite boy banders (NKOTB) for showing me WE would be okay.

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