Last week several important anniversaries took place in Isaac’s world. They are both very important anniversaries……

On March 12th, Isaac’s “trachiversary” passed – this is the day that he received his trach in 2009! Up until that day we had watched his ability to breathe get worse and worse, our baby was exhausted and unable to keep up with the work it required to simply BREATHE. We were told that the trach was a strong possibility, then told it was a definite – but we were still not ready to give in. On March 11th one of Isaac’s nurses called me at work and essentially said enough is enough. She explained to me that it was inevitable and our bigger goal should be to avoid an emergency tracheotomy – which could result in more severe consequences. We were scared, this was the most devestating decision we have had to make for Isaac – it was the one we knew we had to make, but it was so severe and life changing.

When I saw Isaac after his trach surgery I cried, not sad tears this time. I cried because my baby looked more at ease than he had for a long time. I cried because we had known him for 4 months, but never seen his entire face – there was always a tube and tape somewhere, and on this night we were finally seeing ALL of him. I cried because I knew, instantly, that we had made the best decision. Life with a trached 4 year old is not easy – it is a constant source of infection (it’s like a little petri dish!), it can become blocked at anytime (requiring an emergency trach change), and it makes him “different”. However, he is alive – and I think that’s a pretty good trade!

The second anniversary took place on March 17th. One year ago, on St. Patrick’s Day, Isaac was discharged from the hospital after a 6 week stay to repair his broken esophagus and lung. It was at times a scary stay, and with an infant in two it was definitely a long stay. Since that discharge ONE YEAR AGO Isaac has not been hospitalized for any illness – only routine procedures!! In his 4 years this has never happened, he has never gone more than 6 months without a sick hospital stay.

We kept this impending anniversary to ourselves – just so Isaac wouldn’t get any ideas!!

Isaac is in an amazing place, one that we have not ever seen. We have a little boy who talks nonstop, when he runs out of things to talk about he sings, when he runs out of songs to sing he bangs a drum. While doing all of this he dances – and dances, and dances. Could he be feeling the same joy about a normal life that we are??

Tomorrow Isaac, mama and his Goo Goo (grandma) fly to Minnesota for an esophageal dilation. Of course while we are there we will see Isaac’s girlfriend – Ireland. These two have a connection that you don’t often see in kids, they are so affectionate and loving towards each other – again, they both seem to have a deeper understanding of love and affection after all they have been through. We are planning a photoshoot with the wonderful photographer who volunteers his time to the Ronald McDonald House (Jim Bovin) – he takes beautiful pictures and we can’t wait to share our lovebirds pictures with all of you 🙂

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