what is love?

We’ve been back from Minnesota for a few days, and while we were there we got Isaac and his girlfriend together for a playdate, and photo shoot 🙂 Not only were our two “I’s” born with the same birth defect, they are also both trached and have had more surgeries than you can count on two hands… a match made in heaven.
If you watch Isaac and Ireland together you will see an amazing connection, it’s very difficult to explain. They have a connection – a very real, very mature connection. They touch like a couple many years in love, they offer each other kisses and soft touches. One often leans in close to the other, and as they sit forehead to forehead it is not hard to imagine the thoughts they are sharing. They somehow KNOW each other on a level that is not typical.
When I ask Isaac who his girlfriend is he shines – and he says Ireland. My son is so lucky to have made a connection with someone who truly “gets” him. She has walked the same road, she has felt the pain and confusion, and she has also come out of it stronger. I know they are only 4, and we are (mostly) joking when we plan their weddings, but at the age of 4 they know love. They show us what love is. You can’t help but smile and ooh and ahh as you watch them.
Because of these two kids we know what love is, and it makes us better. Our connection to the Meyer family is deep, again – we’ve been through so many of the same things. It seems at times like our EA kiddos are leading the way….

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