what point is an esophagus….

if you’re not going to use it?? We’ve been toying with this question for a few years now. As we know, Isaac has a very nice, very expensive esophagus – custom made, just for him. For a while it was simply a conduit for spit, so to speak. Slowly he started to try soft foods – ice cream, pudding and yogurt have all slid down that esophagus.
On occasion Isaac does try to chew – this typically results in him gagging and wretching once the food hits the back of his mouth… and mommy or daddy putting out their hand for that chewed up food!

Remarkably, this week he seemed to finally wonder himself what that esophagus is for – he grabbed two cheerios, chewed them up and swallowed them!! We had fun counting as he chewed up two at a time, telling me each time they were in his belly 🙂

Since Thursday night we have continuously enjoyed chewing and swallowing cheerios. I never thought I could get so excited about cheerios. Assumption may lead most to believe that Isaac has eats by mouth, and has the ability to eat. We have questioned both of these ideas – we don’t know the functionality of Isaac’s esophagus, because no kids have been as complex as him. We hope it will work like a normal esophagus, but given the fact that it curves funny and has had several leaks we just don’t know. As far as actually eating – imagine never having swallowed food, then being asked to do it after 4 years of having a handy feeding tube? Isaac has a lot to overcome when it comes to the sensation of eating.

This is why that cheerio eating run is so exciting! First of all, for the first time ever Isaac consciously chewed and swallowed something. He not only didn’t panic at the feeling of food entering his throat, but he got it to his belly! This is the first sign we’ve seen that Isaac may actually get the concept of eating, and be able to do it – pretty exciting!

In terms of overall health – Isaac has been improving. His breathing still isn’t great, we’re still throwing allergy meds and nebulizer treatments at him left and right!

For now we enjoy cheerios, and keep on playing!

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One thought on “what point is an esophagus….

  1. That is so Awesome!!! I love reading how he is doing…and seeing his pictures…and his brother…woah!! and his sister….such beautiful children….he’s gonna do amazing things!

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