lifesavers……. aka NURSES!

Yesterday was nurse appreciation day, and boy do we appreciate our nurses! Nurses (and doctors, and therapists, and a whole lot of other medical personnel) have played an active role in Isaac’s entire life. We love and appreciate them all, but closest to our hearts have to be the nurses.
I never knew the name of one of the nurses that came to transport Isaac from the hospital he was born in to the hospital that cared for him, but I will never forget her promise to me that I would see him before they left – as I was being transfused she pushed him into the room and got him close enough for me to touch him before he left. We learned very early, when Isaac was in the NICU how important nurses are. They literally keep our babies alive. When an alarm sounds, they are the first to arrive. When a crazy mama has a crazy question – they answer it. Isaac’s nurses prepared us for every procedure and surgery. They allowed us to assist with dressing changes and tube changes and even got to know us well enough to turn their heads when we just fixed whatever was wrong with his tubing or wires instead of calling them to do it as we should 🙂
Nurses rode along on the plane to Minnesota with Isaac, and monitored and ooohed and aaahed over him in flight. Once again, nurses prepped him for surgeries and monitored him closely day in and day out. When we all had that “something just isn’t right” feeling it was the nurses who chased down doctors and explained in detail what wasn’t right.
Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed several children “code” – and learned all too well that once again, the nurses are the first to arrive and act. I’ve never met a nurse that doesn’t love their patients. It is because of nurses that we were able to sleep at night, our Isaac was always surrounded by love.
Since coming home nurses have played a bigger role in our lives. Isaac has a nurse at home with us 16 hours a day. We are only without nurses from 3pm – 11pm. His nurses are his lifeline. They go to school with him, they go to therapy with him, they love him just like we do. Isaac’s nurses are like family. They care for him (and our other kiddos!) like they are their own. Without them, we couldn’t work or sleep – and Isaac couldn’t attend school.
There isn’t really a good way to thank someone for loving your baby, caring for your baby and keeping your baby alive the way nurses do. Isaac baked his home nurses treats on Sunday, he worked very hard on them – they were made with all of the love they have given him over the years 🙂

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