life is ………. normal!

Our lives with Isaac have never, ever been this “normal”. We have no catastrophes in sight, no major illness, no additional tubage coming out of our boy…. we seem to have lived so much of the past 4 and a half years in crisis mode. Even our travel to Minnesota at this point is incredibly routine and planned. Sometimes I sit back and marvel at how good it feels to be normal.
In Isaac’s normal life there is still a lot of extraordinary…… this normal child breathes through a hole in his neck and eats through a hole in his stomach. He sleeps in the living room, as he has nursing overnight and quite a bit of equipment by his bed (oxygen concentrator, trach humidifier, suction machine, feeding pump) and having him in a corner of our living room is just easier for all of us.
In the middle of all of this we have a little boy who can’t stop dancing – we often catch him in front of the dishwasher watching his reflection as he dances. He sings, and sings and sings. His rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is beautiful 🙂 He runs frantically when the ice cream man comes through, and can’t wait to go line up and get his treat – they last a week and we usually end up throwing them out – but he goes out everytime because it is such a joy to see!
On Tuesday nights we join a few other families at a local ice cream shop for dinner and fun – oh how he loves these nights. He marches in and goes straight to his friends, and often ends up dancing 🙂 He loves his friends, and they are so wonderful with him.
Isaac continues to teach us amazing lessons, and just how lovely normal can be!

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