Our boy can BLOW!

First – the exciting news, Isaac can BLOW! With the trach Isaac obviously breathes through his neck – making the blowing of bubbles and party blowers impossible. We have been trying to train him to blow through his mouth, again utilizing that fancy airway that has been created for him. He hasn’t quite gotten it, until this weekend. He noticed all of the other kids blowing on their party favors at a party and with sheer Isaac determination set out to do it too! He came home blowing away 🙂 Just one more sign that maybe he really is ready to lose the trach.
This week has been declared Global Tracheostomy Awareness Week, Isaac is sporting his “Trachin it one day at a time” t shirt today to honor it 🙂 I think it is pretty important to recognize the trach, as it definitely saved our Isaac’s life. Before Isaac got his trach we had never met another person with one. Our impression was that it was disabling – we were so wrong. It is hard to get upset with people who are shocked to see Isaac do the things he does with a trach, because we never imagined it was possible. We now know so many trachie kiddos, and their families. They are trached for a variety of reasons, and use a variety of equipment – but they are all amazing, resilient kids.
Our trachie boy runs, climbs, goes to gym class, swims, dances, sings, and BLOWS. There are no limits to what he can do – and that is important for everyone to know. Isaac’s trach doesn’t limit him – it empowers him.
It is all he has ever known. We remember the sick baby we had before the trach – the baby who slept all of the time because being awake AND breathing was too much work. We remember the baby with tubes, so many tubes that the first time we saw his whole face was the day he got his trach. We went from fear of the unknown to utter elation – we knew instantly that this was the best decision we could make for him. Learning to care for a baby with a trach was not easy, and bringing him home was scary – but we survived. The more we relaxed the more we could see what this kid can do!
Isaac has grown by leaps and bounds these past 4 years – his progress never ceases to amaze us. He is, of course, so much more than a trachie kid – but the trach is such an important part of who he is, and why he is so well known and loved.

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