For the first time in a long time Isaac did NOT get sick before a bronch and capping trial. At 7:30 Friday morning he will roll into the OR so Dr. Preciado can get a good look at what is sure to be a beautiful, open airway 🙂 From there Isaac should get a ticket straight to the PICU, where they will try capping his trach later in the day.
The tricky part of this is that Isaac has a “very reactive” airway – meaning it swells whenever they do something like stick a camera between his vocal cords. They will try to cap his trach in the afternoon, if he has a swollen airway he may need an overnight dose of heavy duty steroids – which would push capping to Saturday morning.
Once Isaac is capped he has to remain capped in the PICU for 48 hours before coming home. If he can’t successfully cap by Saturday they will send him home and we’ll have to discuss what to do next. This is the scary part – if it doesn’t work. Dr. Preciado has said before that he is essentially out of ideas, so presumably at some point we may have to seek another opinion. Our hope is that it won’t come to that. We really think Isaac has shown us that he is ready!
All of this being said, we are left to entertain a 4 year old in the PICU for the weekend, which stinks. This time around the “hospital fairy” will visit each day with gifts that Isaac can use to entertain himself.
We also have a little boy who just doesn’t like having his trach capped. Imagine going from breathing comfortably through a nice hole in your neck, to being forced to breathe through your mouth and nose – only that trach is still there creating a slight obstruction…. that is what Isaac has to do to prove himself, and he doesn’t like it.
Please feel free to offer a prayer, or cross your fingers for him this weekend!

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