Another RMH visit :)

Last week we volunteered again at the Ronald McDonald House in DC, and we were lucky to have a fun group of friends and family helping us out! It is truly an uplifting experience, and very meaningful to us. For 8 straight months the RMH in Minneapolis fed us, housed us and generally cared for us. Since then I can’t count how many more times we have stayed there, even when we don’t stay there we end up there playing and eating 🙂
When we have been there in the past I always put “giving back” on my mental to do list, I never got around to it with everything else going on with Isaac. Now that we are somewhat settled it is so nice to finally pay someone back, in some way for all that was done for us. It really is like coming home, even arriving at the DC house, it is a place of such tremendous comfort.
Meals aren’t something you would even really think of – I was shocked when we arrived in Minneapolis the first time and learned that dinner is provided nightly, and brunch is provided on the weekends. I had no idea then what that would mean for us. To not have to worry about that lifts such a load when you’re already exhausted and worried. For us, it was initially less money to spend in the cafeteria, and often a quick break from the hospital. As time went on it became a time of comradery, we got to know so many remarkable families – some going through similar experiences to us, others who taught us about things we had never heard of – and who taught us to count the blessings we had.
Some of the families we ate dinner with lost a child, some lost more than one. Because of this experience we are now able to think about and honor those children. We know that even though Isaac gets sick (and, today he woke up sick!), and gets poked and spends a ridiculous amount of time in hospitals – he is OKAY. Just a simple dinner, cooked by wonderful volunteers taught us this.
So, I am already booking our next volunteer night – because it feels so good to be back home 🙂

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