This afternoon Isaac had his OR date with Dr. Hess. Our initial meeting before they headed back was not very uplifting. Dr. Hess again stated his disappointment, then again told me that he would really like to take out the bad part of Isaac’s lung – but that it is just not possible with all of the problems already going on in Isaac’s chest. I did get to tell him that since the weekend Isaac has shown marked improvement, and we weren’t sure why since he was in such bad shape the first time we brought him here with this problem. He decided the best option now is to patch Isaac and let him continue to get big and strong……..
Then Dr. Hess came out of the OR (much faster than usual!) and had a smile from ear to ear. He told me he knows why Isaac hasn’t been sick – there is no longer a leak in his esophagus! I asked how it could be – he told me it was a miracle 🙂 Then he gethered himself and said that he thinks that with all of the forced scarring in Isaac’s chest last year that he may just initiate an inflammatory response and his esophagus may have just inflamed itself and closed……….. we prefer the miracle explanation!
My theory is somewhere in between, I think we caught it so early and got him off of G tube feeds and kept his lungs clear and the tract between the lung and esophagus from getting any bigger. Isaac was started on antibiotics very early this time around as well. Last time he had recurring pneumonias, and we didn’t know the source – probably for months.
So, TOMORROW we fly home! We are rushing to pack tonight, and still taking it all in. Our boy is so amazing – we have had a wonderful trip out here with him and can’t wait to get him home and celebrate once more with this awesome kid!

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