is it really that easy?

This week I have had the honor of attending Vacation Bible School with Isaac. Of course, no other kids have a mom escorting them – I was a little bit bitter about all of the happy parents dropping their kids off on Monday, gleefully heading out the door for 3 hours on their own. Then I started watching Isaac…
I realized, because I HAVE to stay with him I am experiencing more with him than most parents do. I watch him dance unabashedly in the aisles each time the band plays a song, I have gotten to know the wonderful older boy who has made Isaac his BFF this week and seen how beautiful some kids really are, I have seen a smile a mile wide as Isaac runs a relay race. I have seen it because I was “forced” to be with him this week.
Vacation Bible School is focused on “God sightings”, where do you see God? I am not a deeply religious person, I’m really not a religious person at all. I do believe I have had my own “God” sightings this week through my brave boy. I have seen his strength and resilience as he goes to VBS each night feeling not so great. I have seen this child dancing in the aisles, and leading the other kids in this endeavor. Isaac ran a relay this week with all his heart, he didn’t come in first – but he ran as hard as a trached, cruddy lunged kid can! His spirit is shining bright, and I am witnessing it each night. I think this is the point of VBS, I hope they would be proud of this mama for listening and getting it 🙂
At home his week, Isaac has started speaking in the most complete sentences we have ever heard! He seems almost inspired.
There may be no major connection here, but there might actually be. Whatever it is – we will enjoy it. I am sad to see the end of VBS tomorrow night, this time with Isaac has been so nice!

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