His voice :)

I sometimes find it hard to believe that Isaac didn’t really speak a year ago. Last summer we started speech therapy using a speaking program on his Ipad, and were amazed as we watched in his first few sessions as he composed multi word sentences. We were so very lucky to find a group of speech therapists who could see Isaac’s capabilities, and who knew there was a talker in there 🙂
Isaac’s ability to speak will always be amazing. For 18 months he made no sound, he didn’t cry with sound, he didn’t laugh with sound and he didn’t speak. To hear him talk now, and to understand him (most of the time!) is difficult to explain. Isaac’s voice is beautiful, and something he has fought so hard for. He is now speaking in sentences a lot of the time, and he is becoming quite a story teller.
When we ride in the car he insists on blasting his Fresh Beat Band CD, and he sings along every time! He knows the words to all of the songs, and often dances as he sings. I sometimes can’t wait to get in the car with him 🙂
We are heading to Sesame Place this weekend for some real fun, he has been telling everybody about it 🙂 It’s important to squeeze in fun whenever we can, as we never know what Isaac has coming at him.
We have sent his records to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia to get their ideas about his fused right ribs and what we should do. We know that realistically this will require some major surgery, and possibly repeated surgeries – not something any of us like to think about. We are hopeful that there is a solution out there for Isaac that will make breathing easier and his quality of life even better.

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2 thoughts on “His voice :)

  1. Isaac you will always be my superman and I know God did not bring you this far for nothing so keep the good work up and know that you are loved very much. Mama Joyner

  2. The words have always been there, you just couldn’t hear them. God has Isaac on the path he wants him to travel. You guys are wonderful parents and this will work out also.

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