First and foremost – Isaac got his trip to Sesame Place this week, what an amazing day he had! He smiled from ear to ear the entire day. We managed to see 2 shows, ride a ton of rides (some twice!) and watch the parade that he has watched repeatedly on his Ipad night after night. He exuded JOY 🙂
Something we have dealt with at home for almost a year now is Isaac’s aggression towards his brother, Eli. It has gotten progressively worse, when we describe it the stories sound quite comical – but it is very serious. We have tried time outs, taking away treasures, lots of talking and a variety of behavior management techniques – to no avail.
We finally started taking Isaac to a behavior therapist, Miss Lora. She has worked great with him, and offered us great suggestions. Today she dug deep with him, and her breakthrough was what we suspected, but hearing it was tough.
Isaac was given the old feelings face chart. Lora asked him how he felt about all of his tubes and medical issues, he pointed to mad. She asked him how he felt about the fact that he has these tubes and nurses telling what to do and Eli doesn’t, he told her (in words) “I’m mad, mad, mad”….. heartbreaking. She kept digging and asked him if any other feelings describe him right now, he sad he is sad 🙁
It was hard to hear, we try to believe that all he has been through and continues to go through doesn’t impact him greatly, but it does. Of course he is mad and sad, WE are often mad and sad and it’s not happening directly to us. Just because he has this amazing smile, and incredible joy doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel what is happening to him.
I am happy that he is expressing this, and so appreciative of Lora. I’m sad that we haven’t fixed everything and even sadder that there is more to fix that will make him mad and sad again.
We have a plan to make things a little bit easier for him, allowing him to make more choices and maybe even getting him a small pet (more than likely a fish, as that is all the responsibility mama and daddy can handle!) to take care of – that is just his.
In the end we have to remind ourselves that Isaac has been through more in his 4 years than most people endure in a lifetime. He has come out strong and resilient, but he is still just a little boy who sometimes feels a little bit mad and sad about his circumstances……

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