busy, busy, busy!!

Sometimes in Isaac’s world no news really is good news! We brought him home a week ago, and he’s been doing great! We decided to proceed with our plans to hit up a few theme parks this week……. so glad we did 🙂
We drove to PA on Tuesday and went to Dutch Wonderland, it’s such an awesome park for the littler ones. Isaac rode tons of rides (including bumper cars) and we spent a good amount of time in the water park – which he could do since he had his PICC line pulled 🙂 Our trachie baby loves the water, and we love to break rules – so things work out well on that front.
On Wednesday we met friends at Hershey Park for another great day. Isaac rode more rides, and again visited the water park. He was super excited to share this day with friends.
As always, Isaac’s joy was infectious. His smile really tells a story, his feelings are written in it. After a horrible week last week of TEN pokes and lots of uncertainty it was so wonderful to feel his joy. His excited tone when he talks about it now is so fun.
It is great to be in a position to go have fun when we can, and to have a kid like Isaac who teaches us that even though we can’t take long, extravagant vacations we can take an overnight trip to a couple of really cool theme parks and get that necessary reminder about what is really important in life – the amazing smiles of three kids are top on that list!

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