Tomorrow, this kid starts his last year of preschool! He’s pretty excited 🙂 We’re all excited! Isaac has grown so much this summer – his speech has come so very far and he loves to show off his smarts. He actually speaks to us now in sentences – SENTENCES! Mind you, this child just started talking a year ago. It’s so amazing each time he excitedly tells me a story – we now know what is in there!
The other night Isaac was spelling on his Ipad, he asked me how to spell one of his nurse’s names. I spelled it twice, then spelled another nurse’s name twice. Two days later I hear him on his Ipad – he’s spelling the nurses names – correctly! I’m pretty sure we’ve got the next head of the class on our hands.
We know this school year will bring at least one surgery, it’s been a while since he’s had a real operation. I dread booking it and having it looming over his head, but it’s unavoidable.
Isaac has to have his spinal cord untethered before the possibility of rib stretching in Philadelphia. I often feel like I’m lying to him when he is having such a great time and doesn’t know what looms in his future. The thought of recovering from more major surgery a few times this year breaks my heart.
So, while we are excited for the school year to get underway, the things we know are coming our way definitely cloud it. It means tough recoveries for Isaac, time off of work for mom and dad, travel costs when we go to Philadelphia, and juggling our other kids….. it just gets a little bit tougher each time.
Tomorrow we will be excited for the first day of school and all of the fun that comes with it!

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