A few weeks ago I was watching our local news, a story caught my attention. There is a local artist who paints jackets with personal healthcare stories, she calls it the “walking gallery”. Her own family was deeply impacted by a health care crisis and has a story – from that she found inspiration. I have looked through the pictures of her walking gallery and been amazed.
Ultimately I sent her a jacket, and Isaac’s story – bare bones. I said he has undergone 21 major surgeries, we have spent countless months away from home, he has lost his health insurance for reaching a lifetime max at the age of 1…. what she created from that is above, and it is nothing short of remarkable. I saw the picture and literally gasped. What she captured is amazing. I am so very honored and happy to have found her.
We tell Isaac’s story, we tell it to everyone – now we have another way to tell it. It’s important to tell Isaac’s story, because it could be anybody’s story. Even if your children are healthy now, things happen….. sometimes horrible things happen.
We have connected to so many people because of Isaac’s story, because we have openly shared it. He is an advocate for making something beautiful out of something crappy. He is overcome, he perseveres……. and he FLIES. What he has endured in four short years is remarkable, most adults couldn’t do what he has done and continue to smile. This child has taught us what it means to fight, and he has shown others that a trach and a g tube don’t really change who you are.
We are so proud to be a part of the “walking gallery”, our stories need to be told.

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