even superheroes get sick

Isaac is a lot like a superhero in a lot of ways, not all are good ways. Just like a superhero he is hard to topple, and he comes back from adversity in a way most people don’t understand.
He is like a superhero in other ways.. when he falls, he falls hard. It is rare for Isaac to get a normal illness, and even then it is rarer for him to simply recover. Today Isaac didn’t seem right when he got off the bus, when you’ve been doing this for a while you just know. He laid on the couch all afternoon (not a good sign), and finally started coughing up green trach secretions.
Just like the superhero he is, he didn’t complain. He didn’t give away any clues that something was hurting him. I realized late tonight he had been signing more, and when he spoke it was in a whisper… I asked if his throat hurt, he nodded yes. He never would have told me, he would have compensated – because that’s what superheroes do, right?
We’ve already decided he’ll stay home from school tomorrow and probably pay a visit to his favorite dr, and hopefully he’ll have something silly like strep. With any luck our superhero will be back to himself by the end of the weekend.
We are headed towards his big evaluations in Philadelphia in a few weeks, and he needs to be healthy for the trip. Our next few weeks will be spent obsessing over his health and working hard to keep our superhero at top speeds 🙂

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