note to self…

… never brag about how great Isaac is doing, he will make you regret it! On occasion Isaac aspirates, the food he has in his stomach (most likely formula) comes up his esophagus and finds it’s way back down his trachea – towards his lungs and out of his trach. This happened last week. One big risk when Isaac throws up is that he can tear his esophagus, so we panic a bit when that happens.
He seems to have come out of it fairly unscathed, but typically an episode like that is a sign that Isaac needs to have his esophagus dilated. The awesome news is that it’s been about 3 months since he’s needed a dilation, and at one point we were doing them every 4 to 6 weeks! We decided to play it safe and get him to MN to see Dr. Hess for that dilation.
Of course, we decided it on Friday and scheduled him for the following Wednesday- 5 days later! This left us to find airline tickets, and a place to stay, and pack (including tons of medical supplies!) and work out all of the little detail in FIVE days.
It looks like we did it, tomorrow morning Isaac will head to MN with daddy and an awesome friend of daddy’s who’s helping us out on this trip. We are hopeful that Isaac will have an uneventful dilation and will be back home on Thursday.
We are still so proud of how brave and strong he is. He handles all of this in stride, and helps us keep our perspective with all of it.

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