We’re on a mission

I recently sent Isaac’s story with the group Organizing for Action (OFA), a group that is, in part working to support the Affordable Care Act. I know that Isaac’s life was saved, in part – by the Affordable Care Act, and I know this will continue to impact his life. I felt like it was time to start telling his story, and using it to support something we feel very strongly about.
Today, I ended up visiting a Congressman’s office, Frank Wolf represents our district. He has also voted repeatedly to block or repeal the Affordable Care Act. I went with a member of OFA and sat with one of the office staffers. She listened to Isaac’s story, and oohed and ahhed at all the right moments – but she clearly didn’t get it. She couldn’t lose focus on the fact that Isaac does have insurance – and he does.
What I couldn’t make her understand was that if we hadn’t been really lucky and if I hadn’t come off of a recent leave of absence and been eligible Isaac would have gone a year WITHOUT health insurance. An entire year – we all know just how much can happen in one month of Isaac’s life, can you imagine a year?? We were lucky, and we know that.
We also know that even though Isaac has insurance, and did have it all along, he benefits from Affordable Care in other ways. Isaac has a laundry list of pre-existing conditions – which would have made him ineligible for most reasonable insurance plans.
We learned the hard way about lifetime maximums (after a health insurance company decided Isaac’s lifetime of care ended at 13 months). He no longer faces lifetime maximums – as I pointed out to the not so interested staffer I spoke to today, Isaac has problem come close to using a SECOND lifetime of care at this point.
Now that we have taken a step towards getting Isaac’s story out there and supporting something so important to us we are feeling more inspired than ever.
Isaac needs this law, he always has.

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