so much excitement!

backstage with The Fresh Beat Band!

backstage with The Fresh Beat Band!

If you read this blog with any consistency, you’d know that Isaac had a very special belated birthday gift coming his way… not only did he get go to the Fresh Beat Band concert, but his buddy “Shout” left him backstage passes again. We got him just well enough to go to the show, he rotated between dancing in the aisle and laying on daddy’s lap to rest.
Once again, the meet and greet was wonderful. As Isaac’s turn approached he was spotted by Shout, who greeted him by name and gave him a wonderfully huge hug! It’s so nice to be able to tell them what they mean to Isaac – how many late hospital nights we have filled with videos of them. They really have gotten him through some tough times, and meeting with them is such an honor.
Because we like to up the ante when it comes to excitement we have MORE exciting news…. Isaac (and the rest of us) are going to the White House on Tuesday…. THE WHITE HOUSE!! I got a call this week inviting us to attend “an event with the President” – who would say no to that? We’re not sure what this entails, if we will get to actually meet the President or not, or even what time it takes place (they will tell us that the day before)… but it’s still so exciting.
We haven’t been shy about our love of Health Care Reform, or what it means to Isaac. Having an opportunity like this is more than we could ever ask for. I’ve always told Isaac someday he’ll live in the White House, now he can check out his future home 🙂

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