beads of courage

When Isaac was in Minnesota as a baby we occasionally heard about a program called “Beads of Courage”. For every procedure a child endures, they get a bead. As you can imagine, kids really rack up some beads. We never looked into it, we were pretty distracted and really thought once this first trip was over we would be done (HA!).
Over the years we’ve seen kids show off their beads with pride. You get a bead for everything – dressing changes, IV pokes, surgery, doctor’s visits, tube changes, transfusions, xrays…. the list goes on and on.
I asked about getting Isaac in over the summer, and was told that there was a wait list. It is very sad to me that we have so many sick kids that there is a wait list for the beads. I kind of forgot about it after that.
Last night I got an email – Isaac was in. I was asked to tally how many of each bead he should get, seriously…… this kid is owed hundreds and hundreds of beads! Luckily they have streamlined, so when done retroactively the kids get a bead worth 100 beads for every bead earned. Instead of receiving close to 1000 beads in the mail we’ll get about 50, by my estimate.
From this point on we keep a tally, every time Isaac goes to the doctor, or has a procedure he earns a bead. It is a small token, but I just think it will be so amazing for him to have something tangible later in life to show all he has endured. It was very surreal last night as I estimated these things, and it brought back memories. Some things become so mundane in the hospital, but even a dressing change is a very upsetting experience for a little boy – and he deserves recognition for being brave and resilient.
We are excited to introduce Isaac to his beads and let him continue to show off what a brave little boy he really is.

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