different hospital, same view

We arrived safely in Cincinnati Friday night, it was a long drive! Isaac was settled in his room rather quickly, and we have been nothing but impressed so far.
We have given his history to an assortment of doctors so far, and will probably start giving that history all over again tomorrow, as the actual team that will assess him gets back to work then. We have already heard a lot of things we like, and look forward to where this team will take Isaac.
Isaac is already starting to show improvement, after a weekend of very good IV antibiotics. Today we finally have the return of big smiles, jokes, and we made a triumphant walk to the hospital playroom! We haven’t seen this Isaac for a week, and we’ve missed him.
Our plan for this week is to get to know the team, and let them get to know Isaac. He will have a PICC line placed tomorrow (a better version of an IV, much longer lasting) and we are hoping the 4 doctors that need to get together to check out his esophagus and lung can do that on Wednesday and we can start talking shop.
I got a wonderful email from our beloved Dr. Hess today, reassuring us that we made the right choice to bring Isaac here. He clearly loves our superman and wants the best for him – and agrees that the team here may be able to provide Isaac a better long term solution. We may be faced with another very big surgery here, and it may mean losing that esophagus and replacing it, something we have always tried to avoid.
It is very hard to have fought so hard for that little esophagus for so long, and now face the possibility that it may need to be removed and replaced. In the long run we want Isaac to be the healthiest he can be, and the leaking esophagus is the one and only thing holding him back now.
Isaac has worked so hard, and come so far – we owe him the best options. We say it all the time, he is an amazing child. He has made this very long journey worth it.

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