confusion reigns…..

Last night Isaac had his triple scope – ultimately, 5 experienced doctors took a look at his esophagus, lungs, stomach and trachea. Their findings have us all scratching our heads….
Isaac most definitely has a hole in his esophagus. However, this hole is not presently where the others have been found, and it is connected to nothing (good news for his lung). As it leaks it is pooling in his chest cavity, then draining.
This is confusing – because we had a very sick little boy last week, who most definitely appeared to have a hole in his lung. The doctors are suspecting that a big part of Isaac’s problem may be aspiration when he sleeps, and they have some ideas about how to confirm that.
We think that is a problem, but I’m not sure I’m sold on it being THE problem.
It was agreed last night that first we need to determine what is making Isaac sick, then we need to deal with the hole in the esophagus.
We were told to plan to be here for a few more weeks, as they test and do what they need to do. With any luck he will be discharged to the Ronald McDonald House for part of the stay.
After sleeping on everything I still have questions for the doctors, and am hoping they swing by before I head out to the airport. Mommy heads home tonight, and daddy will take over as slumber party coordinator. I will plan to go back and forth between Ohio and Va as much as I can.
Fingers are still crossed that we figure this out soon!

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