hurry up……… and wait.

Isaac is still in Cincinnati, his dad took over Thursday, just in time for him to get discharged to the Ronald McDonald House! He had a fun weekend, and some experimentation took place. This experimentation didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know….. Isaac has HORRIBLE (nonstop!) reflux. It IS an issue. As a result of his nonstop reflux, and not so great airway he aspirates – A LOT. None of this was a surprise (to us, at least).
As a result, he was admitted again yesterday to do a CPAP trial. This machine forces air into his lungs, and will only be used at night. The hope is that the pressure will at least stop the majority of the aspiration at night, whatever he aspirates goes right into those precious lungs.
Still staring us all in the face is that hole in the esophagus. What we know about that is that it no longer connects to his lung – but it did. The assumption is that those super antibiotics are at least stopping the connection (we can at least do that now!), but we need to make sure those connections don’t form in the first place.
Because Isaac was blessed with a psycho mama I emailed the surgeon yesterday, just to make sure he’s still thinking about that hole as much as the rest of us 🙂 He is…… and he is discussing possible solutions with all of the other surgeons involved (5 total) to figure out a safe way to fix this.
Our sweet boy is very good at throwing curveballs, and the Cincinnati surgeons are just as uneasy about entering that chest, which makes solutions few and far between.
We have no doubts that between Minnesota and Cincinnati this can be solved. We pray it doesn’t involve major surgery, but will get Isaac through – whatever it takes.

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