he’s coming home!

Saturday we get to bring our superman home! We were a bit confused, since the problem that was solved in Cincinnati was not the problem we sent Isaac for. He will come home with a CPAP machine, that will help reduce aspiration with his constant reflux – which, in turn will help to make his lungs healthy.
The team decided this was the priority, get the lungs better. They found evidence of significant aspiration in both lungs, not good. So, in 3 or so months Isaac will return for another scope and evaluation. At this point we will discuss how to address the hole in his esophagus (that MAY close up in the mean time, but probably will not).
Being separated doesn’t get any easier, I think it’s getting harder. Isaac gets this more, and he voices his frustration. Eli gets this more, and he is acting out in frustration. Talia has always gotten it, and it has worn on her.
This can only be done because we all work as a team – everybody who steps in to help out, the kids, and most importantly Greg and I. We literally trade places, he walks in – I walk out, it’s the only way to do it sometimes. We have to be at work, and with our other kids.
We argue, and we get frustrated with our inability to properly communicate (because it is so hard with kids in each of our ears and hospital staff in and out of a room), we rely on texts and we sometimes get on each other’s nerves or push too hard.
In the end, we are a team. We are the team that has kept Isaac as healthy as we have. We won’t always agree, and we will sometimes take our frustrations out on each other. We will always do what’s best for the kids, and in the end we really do make a really good team.

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