Feeding Tube Awareness Week

It seems there is an awareness month, week or day for everything these days, doesn’t it? February 9th-15th is Feeding Tube Awareness Week, feeding tubes are pretty important to a kid like Isaac 🙂
Isaac’s first feeding tube was placed when he was 3 days old, he’s had one ever since. He’s alternated between two types – a GJ and a G, both providing essential nutrition and medication to our amazing boy. When life is good he has a G tube – food goes directly into his stomach with this tube. At not so great times he gets it through the “J” portion of a GJ tube – this puts the nutrition straight into his Jejunum, the beginning of his intestines.
Of course, we wish he didn’t need it. We dreamed that he would start eating and have it out early in life. As each complication shows us, it’s not that easy.
The GJ feeding tube currently means that Isaac is connected to a feeding pump 19 or so hours a day. That sucks. Although, in true Isaac fashion he just deals with it. It’s not at all uncommon to see him run through the door and throw it down as he skids to a stop in front of whichever toy he is after. He learned how to walk with that backpack and pump on his back, it’s always been a part of him.
Because of the feeding tube Isaac is big and strong – he is who he is because of that tube. Tonight he proudly showed off his tubie for a picture.

Tubie pride

Tubie pride

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