Isaac has a lot of questions and observations lately. We happened to watch a show the other night that focused on a newborn baby. Isaac was fascinated, and wouldn’t let me turn the channel.
This show led to an almost hour long conversation about babies, and Isaac when he was a baby. He couldn’t believe babies are born with eyes and ears and noses and mouths. He asked if he had been, and also checked to see if his trach was there when he was born. I explained to him that he didn’t have a trach at birth, and he was shocked.
It occured to me that he has only known a trach. He has seen pictures pre-trach, but never asked us about it. I told him how loud he used to cry, and how hard it was for him to have to wear a CPAP mask and oxygen before his trach. We took some time to look at pictures and talk about how his trach has helped him through the years.
Just a few days later his nurse mentioned another baby she works with (who has a trach), the light bulb went off – and a whole new set of questions were raised. It was very exciting for him to hear that there is a baby out there with a trach like him 🙂
I told him his trachiversary is approaching (3/12) and asked if he thought we should celebrate it…… of course he thinks so – who doesn’t want to celebrate?? So, we’ll have a trach celebration here at home, because really – trachs are to be celebrated 🙂

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