He’s back :)

fun weekend!

fun weekend!

Sometimes our five year old seems to “get it” better than the rest of us. Friday night, as we drove to speech therapy Isaac and I were dancing and singing in car. In the middle of our song and dance he stopped and caught my eye in the rearview mirror, he smiled and said “I’m back”. Those two little words summed it all up, he’s back.
He’s back home, where he should be. He’s back to singing and dancing the car, like he should be. He’s back at school, where he is loved. He’s back.
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the medical piece of it that we forget about the 5 year old. We forget how much fun it is to sing and dance in the car. Or how much fun it is to go to a friend’s birthday party and get your face painted – for the very first time!
When we least expect it, Isaac gives us reality checks. If we are too caught up in the drama of Isaac he reminds us to enjoy his health. If we are enjoying his health too much he reminds us things could be worse. He is a balancing act, and he balances us.

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