life with Isaac – OUR messy beautiful!


It’s been said before – Isaac is not just mine and Greg’s, he is OURS. Our friends, families (friends that became family), doctors, therapists, Little Gym coaches, nurses, teachers, school staff – he is THEIRS too. In all honesty, Isaac is just too much to keep him to ourselves.
He is too much joy, too much resiliency, too much love and too much forgiveness. He loves HUGE. He loves everyone and everything. He finds love in every situation. Isaac exudes love. He shares his love with everyone – via that beautiful smile, huge hugs, high fives and kisses (reserved for his mommy and daddy!). He doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter if you’ve poked him with a needle, held him down for a feeding tube to be changed, put a new trach in his neck, or wheeled him into the operating room – he still loves you.
Isaac is beautiful BUT messy 🙂 If you’ve spent time with him you’ve more than likely been exposed to his messy in some form. He often coughs huge loogies from his trach, often catching them with his shirt. Every so often his feeding tube pops open and contents of his formula spill everywhere.
Sometimes he is less obviously messy. He is medically messy, he truly is. Most of the time we are guessing what is wrong with him, we see a variety of doctors on a fairly regular basis.
He is therapeutically messy, mostly because of all of the surgeries and procedures we have put his little body through. BUT in the end he is OUR mess. He has a team of doctors who are constantly searching their medical knowledge for answers, and a team of family and friends that are regularly praying for those answers to come.
Our beautiful mess is a beautiful blessing. He has taught us that when there is no longer anything like “date night” (who wants to babysit a kid with a trach and a G tube?) we spend a ridiculous amount of time with our family and enjoy every moment. There are a litany of things that we never dreamed of doing, that we actually can do (trach changes on the living room floor? Yes, we do that!). When we are so exhausted we don’t think we can take another minute (think 2 straight weeks sleeping in a “chair/bed” in a hospital) he smiles the most amazing smile and we forget the sore neck and back, just for a minute.
It is truly and amazing journey with our Isaac, one we never envisioned when all three pounds, three ounces of him burst into this world…. we are grateful for him and the beautiful mess he made of our lives.

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