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tballisaacA little while ago two of my friends suggested we should sign Isaac up for our local Little League’s “challenger” division. This is a very special division of the little league, it is for our special needs kids. Kids with health issues, kids with developmental issues, special kids. We thought about it, and almost didn’t – Isaac’s physical therapist told me last year that he didn’t need a special needs team, from a physical therapy standpoint he could participate on a “regular” team.
We decided to put him in the challenger league, this is his first time ever playing an organized anything, and we thought he could use the extra time to figure it all out.
Putting him in this league turns out to have been one of our best decisions in a really long time. What an amazing group of coaches, athletes and parents. The kids have a blast, and everyone else does too! There are only games, no practices. The games are two innings – everyone gets to bat.
It is chaos, to say the least. At any given time you can find the opposing team running the bases with the at bat team, there is dirt flying, untouched bases and LOTS of base stealing 🙂
It might be the most beautiful chaos I’ve ever seen. These kids are champions, they fight to overcome every single day. They understand what it means to win, in a much deeper way than the rest of us.
During these games everybody cheers for everybody. EVERYBODY CHEERS FOR EVERYBODY… we’re playing another team, but they are our friends, they fight the same battles that we fight, they live some of the same isolation that we live, they spend too much time in therapy and not enough time outside being kids. There aren’t many instances in life where everyone cheers for everyone, where we like our opposition and want them to succeed too.
This is what is remarkable, this is why we are so grateful that we chose this league for Isaac. He is where he belongs. He is having fun, there is no pressure – there is just love. He cannot wait to get there every week, he is loved and accepted and he has FUN!

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