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"borrowed" from St. Matthew's :)

“borrowed” from St. Matthew’s 🙂

Yesterday me and the boys made it to church for the second week in a row! That, in and of itself is pretty miraculous. Between running after a two year old, and stepping out to suction Isaac I was able to catch the majority of a pretty important sermon – one that seemed to speak to US.
Yesterday’s sermon was about scars…. which immediately caught my attention. We deal with a lot of physical and emotional scars when it comes to Isaac. His physical scars each tell a story, and Greg and I can tell you the story behind each and every one of them. The emotional scars are also very important, as we all have them at this point.
At any rate, Reverend Anne was speaking about the scars Jesus still bore when he came back to earth – the main focus of the sermon was those scars. As she pointed out, it was Jesus’ scars that made him recognizable, even though he had been resurected, he still bore the scars of his journey. He was human, and he had scars – nobody promised him an easy life, but he had LIFE.
In much the same way, Isaac’s scars make him recognizable. They are a part of him and his journey, and just because parts of him are healed doesn’t mean he shouldn’t carry the scars. The scars have allowed him to LIVE, they have given him life. He is not more or less human because of what he has been through.
At the end of the service yesterday, as the band played, Isaac and his cousin headed out to dance in the aisle of the church – and to see him dance is such a blessing in itself. Isaac has life, and he appreciates it. He knows pure joy, maybe it’s just because he is five, maybe it’s partly because of those emotional and physical scars. Maybe he has been scarred so that he CAN know pure, uninhibited joy…… if you’ve ever seen that amazing grin when he is dancing with such wreckless abandon you will totally understand 🙂

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