the streak is broken….

Isaac had an incredible 6 month stretch with no illness, it all came to an end late last week 🙁 I’ve kind of been waiting for this, because we are so used to the recurrent illness when it comes to Isaac.
He suddenly seemed more tired on Wednesday, then required oxygen overnight – not typical. A quick trip to the doctor confirmed the beginning stages of aspiration pnuemonia 🙁 We’re coming to terms with the fact that this just going to be a way of life for Isaac for a while.
Luckily, his typical antibiotics have done the trick, after a few days of nasty fever our boy is back this week, just in time for last week of school fun in preschool 🙂
In true Isaac fashion he just COULD NOT miss a friend’s birthday party on Saturday, he had a blast and is so thrilled to have school friends this year – it’s pretty awesome when we can talk about that cool stuff 🙂 He paid for the party with a temp of 102, but I’m pretty sure in his eyes it was totally worth it!
I knew when Isaac woke up Saturday morning he wasn’t feeling well, but the lure of that party was too much – he had been talking about it ALL week. The part of me that holds all common sense said he should stay home and rest, but my heart just couldn’t do that to him.
Isaac misses so much because he is sick, or in the hospital, or has a stupid PICC line…… it’s just not fair. When we can patch him up enough to get him to something fun, we have to. Our sweet boy has spent holidays, his own birthday and months on end in the hospital – when he should have been at home opening presents, playing with his friends and siblings, or running outside.
What we’ve learned is that when we have the chance to have fun we have to grab it.
Isaac has now decided he would like a summer birthday party so he can have an outdoor party (that’s hard to do in November!), and of course because he is Isaac he would like a “Frozen” party (again, outside in summer!)….. so, the planning for an outside Frozen birthday party with a bouncy house has begun!

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