I have to admit, I’ve been a bit on edge lately – Isaac is about due for a major illness. It makes me jump at every sign of a maybe illness. So, last week when he developed a sudden high fever and proclaimed “I don’t feel well” we rushed to the doctor….. only to find out he has strep throat! We’ve had some issues with fever since then, but have had two really good days now with no panic 🙂
During all of this chaos and worry I recalled a recent conversation with Isaac’s horseback riding instructor/therapist. She has three disabled children, and we started talking about our kids – and what makes them what they are.
She brought up an interesting thought, that maybe our kids do so well because we have accepted them, and their diagnoses for what they are. She talked about facing some scrutiny for continuing to have children from those in her medical circle, and her feeling that she would get what she would get (by the way, she has 4 healthy boys at home as well). She said that in a way she felt sorry for these parents who just stopped. Who then devoted their lives to altering and saving the life of the one child they had. There is a fine line between accepting what you have and still fighting, and crossing into an area where you fight so hard that you forget to accept the beautiful child you have.
We can’t change our children’s diagnoses, we can’t change what they were born with or even how they are looked at.
We can ACCEPT them, we can accept their abilities and disabilities, we can encourage them to do everything they set out to do, and we can still fight for the best care and the best services offered. In accepting them and the life they have brought us, we can find their happiness, and a lot of the time that happiness will lead to our happiness.

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