the ups and downs of Isaac

VBS fun!

VBS fun!

You may have heard by now, Isaac has another bronchial esophageal fistule – this means that he once again has a hole in his esophagus, that connects to his lung, that connects to his trachea. Seriously – like clockwork this is happening.
In good news, he is totally not sick. We’re not sure how or why, as this always makes him pretty sick – we may have caught it really early or he miracles are happening. Either way, he’s not letting this get him down. The doctors in Ohio, who once thought we were imagining these fistulas did get to see them, and they finally agreed that the fistual does exist.
We talked to them a few times, and decided as long as Isaac is healthy and happy we’re not rushing up there. We are already scheduled in a few weeks, we’ll see what that brings.
Remarkably, Isaac has had a great week. He has run the park, taken a few walks and particpated in Vacation Bible School. To see him dance and sing at VBS is always a spiritual experience, he LOVES it. His joy is palpable.
For now we will keep on trudging along, fingers crossed that the healthy streak continues!

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